To live with dignity.To die with dignity.

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日前,咱向瑞士组织Dignitas致信询问有关Accompanied Suicide(陪伴性自杀)的先决条件与费用等信息并收到了回复。


其中Direct active euthanasia on express request (voluntary euthanasia),即自愿安乐死,这在瑞士是非法的(根据《瑞士刑法》第114条之规定),但是在比利时、卢森堡和荷兰却是合法的(在医生的严格指导下),不过这只对当地居民生效(即旅行自杀是不可行的)。

Accompanied suicide,即上文中的陪伴性自杀。





Euthanasia: from the Greek, meaning “good, well, death”. As this term may relate to different issues, ranging from help at the end of life and putting down animals to the atrocities of the Nazi regime, it is not precise and should not be used in the context of assisted and accompanied suicide.






Thank you for your e-mail in which you ask about the possibilities for mentally ill people to apply for an accompanied suicide.

It is basically possible for mentally ill too, to submit a formal request of an accompanied suicide to Dignitas. However, this is a lengthy and complex proceeding which demands your pro-active cooperation. And there is no guarantee to receive the “provisional green light” for an accompanied suicide.

Whether your situation will meet the prerequisites for an accompanied suicide with Dignitas depends very much on the quality of the medical file, the reports you can provide.

We need medical certificates with clear diagnosis of your illness, a description of its cause and development, proof of all therapies you have tried (with or without success) as well as an in-depth psychiatric appraisal concerning your capacity of judgement and discernment in regard of your wish for a self-determined end of life.

For more details please refer to the attachment.

Without such a detailed medical dossier, we won’t find a Swiss physician who will risk writing the prescription for the lethal medication.

Yours sincerely
To live with dignity
To die with dignity

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